Safe Adult Training

Our Safe Adult Training equips parents and caregivers, education and youth advocacy professionals, and providers serving survivors of teen dating violence with relevant frameworks, strategies, and practices that empower them with the ability to build rapport and engage with youth in more effective ways. Driven by an inclusive, intersectional, trauma-informed, and strengths-based approach, our training demonstrates how concepts based on the socio-ecological model, the youth development model, mindfulness and self-reflection, and community accountability can develop practical strategies and tangible practices that will create a relationship and/or classroom culture built on mutual respect, nonviolence, and community accountability.

Examples of Module Topics

  • Lens of Intersectionality
  • Adultism
  • Youth Empowerment Framework
  • Safe and Authentic Learning Spaces
  • Community Agreements
  • Community Accountability

and more!

We look forward to serving you! Please email our Community Education Manager to learn more or request our services!

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