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School-based Prevention Education

Our School-based Prevention Education is a comprehensive presentation series that provides young people with a safe and welcoming space to discuss healthy friendships and dating relationships, learn about the impacts of interpersonal violence, and become empowered with nonviolence and healthy relationship skills and support resources. These presentations fulfill the requirements of the California Healthy Youth Act (AB 329) that mandates California youth receive education on relationship abuse and healthy relationships in middle school and high school. Each year, with the collaboration of educators and youth, we conduct thorough evaluations of our presentations to incorporate the latest research, improve visual and interactive activities, and update resource materials and evaluations. Our presentations utilize individual self-reflection activities, group discussions, and multimedia tools to engage youth in honest and open conversation about violence prevention and healthy relationships.

The high school presentation series consists of seven presentations, three of which are introductions to interpersonal violence, such as gender-based violence and teen dating violence, and four of which cover violence prevention and healthy relationship skills, such as consent and boundaries.

The middle school presentation series consists of three presentations for each grade level (6th, 7th, and 8th grade). Each presentation covers important social-emotional learning topics such as creating healthy friendships, apology and accountability, self-care, and more.

The elementary school presentation series is under development.

Based on the sensitivity of the topics and the communal nature of the presentations, the school-based prevention education presentations are best suited for 36 participants or less. We are also willing to tailor our presentations to meet participants’ needs. Some activities catered towards small groups may have to be adjusted for larger ones.

Art Empowerment Workshops (AEWs)

Our Art Empowerment Workshops (AEWs) combine the creative expression of arts and crafts with the importance of social-emotional learning and healthy relationship skill-building. Participants can develop various art skills and build community with others while learning important lifelong skills such as nonviolent communication, setting healthy boundaries, and cultivating self-love and self-confidence.

AEWs can be tailored to any audience size, although the suitability of each request will depend on the workshop space and the supplies needed. AEWs can also be customized and personalized to the community's needs, including but not limited to focusing on a specific art skill or adapting a pre-existing workshop to be more culturally relevant or age and developmentally appropriate for the audience. These workshops have been hosted in various spaces, from school classrooms to libraries to local venues.

Safe Adult Training

Our Safe Adult Training is a customizable, module-based presentation series that provides informative and practical frameworks and tools for parents and caregivers, education and youth advocacy professionals, and providers serving survivors of teen dating violence. Each module covers a specific topic relevant to establishing rapport with youth, effectively engaging with youth, and establishing a culture of mutual respect and collaboration with youth. Topics range from addressing and preventing adultism to modeling community accountability and applying restorative justice frameworks.

Based on the complexity of the topics and the communal nature of the presentations, Safe Adult Training is best suited for 12 participants or less. We are also willing to tailor our presentations to meet participants’ needs. 

40-Hour Domestic Violence Advocate Training

Our 40-Hour Domestic Violence Advocate Training meets the state guidelines of California Evidence Code 1037.1 and allows participants to:

  • Work with those affected by domestic violence as a SAVE direct service volunteer
  • Volunteer with another domestic violence organization within California
  • Enhance their ability to work with survivors in their current or future professional capacity

Please note that trainees must attend ALL sessions in full to receive their certificate. 

Community Engagement

We table at multiple school and community fairs, speak at conferences and events, and collaborate on projects with various community partners. Feel free to invite our team to attend a community engagement event or collaborate with you on a community initiative.

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